Area II Agency on Aging


We are a public, non-profit organization located in Roundup, Montana. One of ten Area Agencies serving Montana, Area II serves the needs and concerns of seniors and the disabled throughout an eleven-county area, including two reservations, in central Montana.

Area II grew out of the Older Americans Act of 1965, which developed federal, state, and local structures to administer programs to help the elderly maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities. In the State of Montana the Older American Act is administered by the Aging Services Bureau, Department of Public Health and Human Services. As local, grass-root resources, Area Agencies have advisory counsels who review and comment on all programs affecting seniors.

In partnership with the Veteran’s Administration, this program is designed to help keep Veterans in their own homes with the Veteran in control of the services needed.

A resource for seniors and the disabled. We answer questions, provide information about other agencies, and help with referrals.

An advocate who protects the rights of residents living in long-term-care facilities and personal-care homes.

Trained staff who provide assistance with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other issues relating to seniors and the disabled.

Mobile Vet Center Schedule – August 2019

Schedule for the Mobile Vet Center Outreach for August 2019

governors conference on aging

51st Annual Governor’s Conference on Aging

The 51st annual conference promises to be full of great information, lively events and celebration. Keynote and Breakout speakers are currently being confirmed with special topics such as Opioid Crises in Montana, Elder Abuse and Exploitation, Alzheimers, pharmaceutical and health alternatives, Medicare updates, Lifespan Respite — just to name a few.

Mobile Vet Center Schedule – June 2019

Schedule for the Mobile Vet Center Outreach for June 2019


Why January 17th, 2019 is a Day to Remember

Taking time to schedule meetings or lunch with your legislators will help you get the most out of Nonprofit Day at the Capitol.

Community First Choice

Care and Assistance in your Home

The Community First Choice Self-Directed Personal Assistance Option of Medicaid’s personal care services provide assistance to individuals in their own homes